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Finding affordable housing has been a challenge for many in the United States. It has been especially complicated in recent months as rents have increased, interest rates have risen, and housing inventory has remained low — a formula that can lead to many families being priced out of the rental market.

For low-income individuals or families struggling to make ends meet, seniors living on fixed incomes, and those with disabilities seeking accessible options, affordable housing has become increasingly hard to find.

At Stone Ridge Residences in Herkimer, we have witnessed this need firsthand. In fact, renters in the United States face a substantial shortage of affordable housing, with only 33 affordable homes available for every 100 extremely low-income households. This is especially true when it comes to affordable housing for seniors

But there is hope. Stone Ridge Residences is accepting applications for its five housing options in the Village of Herkimer.

From Nathan Castle's cozy senior apartments to Stone Ridge Orchards' bustling family atmosphere, each of our residences helps individuals and families find the safe, affordable housing they need to plant roots in our community.

How Affordable Housing Works

Affordable housing is defined as costing no more than 30 percent of the household’s gross income. Therefore, affordable housing is income-based. Rent is set at appropriate thresholds, or if rent exceeds 30 percent of the household gross income, the rent can be subsidized to ensure the individual or family is paying no more than 30 percent of the household income. 

Why Is the Need for Affordable Housing Rising?

Roughly 70 percent of U.S. households are paying half or more of their income on housing. Various factors — from stagnant wages to rising living costs and a growing aging population — all contribute to the reality that makes clean and safe affordable housing difficult to find. For low-income families, finding an apartment that doesn't devour limited budgets is a constant struggle. 

Seniors often face a difficult choice when they can no longer maintain a larger home, do not want to compromise their independence by moving in with family, or struggle to find housing they can afford on a fixed income. And for individuals with disabilities, finding affordable units that are also accessible presents its own set of challenges.

What Affordable Housing Options Are Available in Herkimer County?

At Stone Ridge Residences, we are not just providing a place to live; we are building communities with five housing options offering various amenities.

Stone Ridge Mills

The spacious apartments, community room, and playground at Stone Ridge Mills make it a haven for families to thrive. Formerly known as our Eastern Gardens apartment complex, Stone Ridge Mills is an affordable housing option that features:

  • 15 one-bedroom apartments
  • 33 two-bedroom apartments
  • 10 three-bedroom apartments
  • 5 four-bedroom apartments
  • A community room
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Well-lit parking areas and security cameras
Stone Ridge Mills in Herkimer

Stone Ridge Mills in Herkimer

Stone Ridge Flatts

Stone Ridge Flatts is designed with accessibility in mind. This affordable housing option is ADA accessible and welcomes disabled and disabled individuals, featuring:

  • 20 one-bedroom apartments
  • 4 two-bedroom apartments
  • On-site laundry
  • On-site parking
  • Central air conditioning in each unit
  • Elevator in building and ADA-compliant units
  • Exterior security cameras
Stone Ridge Flatts in Herkimer

Stone Ridge Flatts in Herkimer

Stone Ridge Gems

Formerly known as our Mid-Town Apartments, Stone Ridge Gems was built in 1974. It is conveniently located in downtown Herkimer and within easy walking distance to banks, the post office, restaurants, parks, and other shopping options. Other features include:

  • 55 one-bedroom apartments
  • 8 efficiency apartments
  • On-site laundry facility 
  • Air-conditioned community room with computers available for tenants’ use
  • Well-lit parking areas with security cameras in the parking lot, entranceways, and common areas

Stone Ridge Gems in Herkimer

Stone Ridge Orchards

Formerly known as our Creekside Courts apartment complex, Stone Ridge Orchards has the following options and amenities:

  • 24 one-bedroom apartments
  • 22 three-bedroom apartments
  • 4 four-bedroom apartments
  • Community room
  • Playground
  • On-site laundry
Stone Ridge Orchards in Herkimer

Stone Ridge Orchards in Herkimer

Nathan Castle

For seniors, Nathan Castle offers 16 one-bedroom apartments with essential amenities to help seniors live independently, including:

  • On-site laundry
  • Community space
  • On-site parking
  • Exterior security cameras
Nathan Castle in Herkimer

Nathan Castle in Herkimer

Meeting the Rising Demand for Affordable Housing

The need for affordable housing is a constant concern in our area and around the nation, and we are committed to providing affordable housing options for Herkimer County. We actively seek partnerships, advocate for affordable housing initiatives, and constantly strive to innovate and expand our offerings.

If you want to learn more about our communities and eligibility requirements, visit our website or call us at (315) 866-2252.